Words on picking yourself back up

Words on picking yourself back up


Published: 02.12.2021

There are so many things that can create setbacks and roadblocks. Even the act of setting a goal can bring a near overpowering sense of doom with it…

Maybe you set out to meditate every morning, then end up missing the first three days. Maybe you set a goal to be more patient with yourself, and within five minutes that little voice inside your head is going off. Or maybe you promised to prioritize exercise every day and a week goes by without movement. 

There are countless things that can set you back and steer you off track, but the hard part is that real transformation takes time and commitment, which makes the setbacks even more devastating and seems to add another level of pressure.  

First, take a breath.

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Second, remember that life is not a race. One of the most important aspects of making changes in your life, or setting goals, or seeking transformation, isn’t the outcome – it’s the process. 

The journey.

And part of that journey is navigating the rough patches. Dealing with the setbacks, the roadblocks, even the seeming failures. Taking time to sit with the uncomfortable and ruthless emotions, and finding your own path through them.

There is no rush. 

Contrary to how it might feel at times, life is not a competition. There are no trophies at the end, only memories, experiences, connections, and moments – and wouldn’t you say those are better than some hunk of metal?

No matter how many times you feel you’ve failed, or how many times you’ve had to start over – keep going – those setbacks are part of your story. Part of what makes you unique and remarkable. 

Those are things to be proud of.

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In the moment when you feel like you’re too far behind, when there’s no point in trying to keep going, remember that you’re doing this for YOU. No one else, and if it feels right to cut it, and walk away – do that. 

But, if you feel like you’re not cut out for it or that you’ll never succeed, I dare you to keep going. To prove yourself wrong – no matter how long it takes – you absolutely can do it.

Be patient. Be kind. And be gentle with yourself. This is your life, your mistakes and failure are part of what make you the brilliant, radiant, unforgettable person you are!

Take your time, your life isn’t going anywhere without you. You’ve got this, I promise.

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Written by Ash DePass | STUNN Cofounder

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