Introducing the Total Transformation Challenge that your skin, mind, and life will appreciate

STUNN may be a modern beauty brand, however we strongly believe that in order to achieve outer beauty, you must also achieve inner beauty. Put another way, our exterior health (skin, hair, nails) is a result of our interior health (mind-set, gut health, diet, and fitness), and often vice-a-versa…..


In alignment with STUNN’s Total Transformation Challenge, we will be exploring ten pivotal themes in achieving Total Transformation in every aspect of your life. If you would like to participate in our challenges join our group on Facebook, or follow the challenge links provided in each post. This month’s theme is: AWARENESS. Broadly speaking, awareness is the state of being conscious. To be aware is to connect with yourself and the world around you, leading to a deeper understanding about how you exist in the world.
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Awareness – Week 1: Meditation

With this week’s challenge, we will be focusing on developing a practice around internal-awareness through meditation. You may already have a strong meditation practice, and that’s great! If so, this week’s challenge will be a breeze for you – but challenge yourself to suspend your regular expectations and start fresh.

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Awareness – Week 2: Journaling

The focus of this week’s challenge is to use journaling as a method to gain present awareness over your thoughts. Like meditation, journaling is a foundational tool that will be in your toolkit for the long haul as we go through the 10 themes of transformation. This week will be about developing a practice with it, and using it to take stock of all your thoughts.

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Awareness – Week 3: Self-Talk

We spend a huge chunk of our time in our heads. Most of the time we aren’t even aware of it, which can be a big problem if that self-talk is negative, and let’s be honest we all fall prey to that more often than not. The thing with self-talk is that it is an exceptionally powerful tool, and if harnessed and wielded wisely, it can make profound shifts in your life.

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A reflection of a man in a puddle on the street

Awareness – Week 4: Judgement

Let’s be honest we all judge. We may consider ourselves non-judgemental, but deciding between lemon-ginger and blueberry-lime Kombucha is a judgement. A lot of judgement is necessary, our judgement helps us define our tastes and make important decisions in daily life.

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Welcome back to STUNN’s Total Transformation Challenge, where we introduce a new theme each month and explore the theme through weekly AM and PM self-care challenges. If you would like to participate in our challenges join our group on Facebook, or follow the challenge links provided in each post. This month’s transformational theme is COMMITMENT.
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Commitment – Week 1: I am Power Statements

One of the greatest challenges when it comes to commitment is committing psychologically. For most, taking that first step is harder than the actual follow through. The idea of commitment can be paralyzing, keeping us from acting. When we are tasked with a challenge that pushes us out of our comfort zone we can tend to panic and run.

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Commitment – Week 2: Scheduling

One of the most aggravating obstacles when it comes to falling asleep is getting stuck creating mental to-do lists in your head. Having a stressful day ahead or looming tasks you’ve been putting off can wreak havoc on your mindset and destroy your chance at sleep.

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A man on his phone

Commitment – Week 3: Daily Digital Detox

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? If your answer involved checking your email, social media, or texts, then this challenge is for you. This month’s transformational theme is commitment, and this week we are putting the spotlight on reducing temptation and distraction so you can find the motivation and time to stay committed.

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Commitment – Week 4: Self-Discipline

Staying committed to something new requires a significant amount of self discipline. In light of this month’s transformational theme of commitment, this week’s challenge is oriented around practicing self discipline.

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