New year, new look ahead

First off, I wanted to thank our phenomenal customers and STUNN Collective tribe members. It is people like you who have been and continue to be the soul of our brand, shaping each decision we make and the overall future of STUNN Collective.

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Celebrating STUNN Collective’s first birthday

One year ago today, Ash and I took the biggest leap of our lives, and no, it wasn’t getting married (although we did that last year as well). On September 25, 2019, we launched STUNN Collective. And this past year has been an amazing and wild ride that we are so grateful to be on. Instead of cake, confetti, and balloons, we are celebrating by taking a few minutes to pause and reflect on the past year. It can be difficult to allow yourself the time or openness to feel gratitude and pride, and we are soaking up those feelings today for what STUNN is becoming.

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Update on Subscriptions and STUNN Loyalty Program

Hi everyone! I wanted to jump on the blog to recap some exciting changes we’ve rolled out at STUNN this past week, and to kick off the first of a series of update posts you can expect to see over the coming weeks and months from myself and Ash.

To start, I think it is safe to say that this has been one heck of a crazy year. In the span of a few months, we have seen so much change in the world, and we realize that many of you have been impacted in one way or another – we all have. So with that said, I hope everyone is managing to keep their spirits up, and is staying healthy and happy.

As STUNN approaches its first year in business (hurray!), we have been able to analyze some helpful trends and have had an opportunity to collect some amazing feedback from many of you on how we can do better.

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