for an elevated life

Enough with the endless one-off supplements for over-simplistic one-off benefits.

STUNN Collective is here to streamline your wellness with the ultimate supplement routine, so you can feel better, live greater, and dream bigger, every day.


Optimal wellness is more than a one-off goal – it can’t be achieved with a one-off product.   

The pursuit of optimal wellness is achieved through elevating and optimizing a culmination of all aspects of your being. When we set out to create a the ultimate wellness supplement, we first had to ask ourselves how we defined wellness. This gave rise to the six wellness pillars.

Our approach to wellness is designed to optimize these six pillars, in everything we do.

Stimulate real collagen and keratin production, strengthen elasticity, and boost skin’s hydration. 


Significantly reduce anxious feelings, promote health stress response, and elevate mood, morning and night.


Sustainable energy to help you win the day, without the crash.


Support optimal microbiome, and healthy gut function.


Fall asleep and stay asleep easier, while improving sleep-wake cycles and wake up feeling fresh.


Elevate focus and mental clarity, while enhancing cognition.


plant-based FORMULATIONS
for total wellness optimization

We love our fellow human, but we also love our fellow mammals – well all animals to be exact. We weren’t comfortable with many of the practices used to extract nutrients from animal sources – and in many instances, there are superior other non-animal based methods of deriving those compounds.

So, we strove to do better, and utilize the power of what mother nature offers. 

Furthermore, we are strong believers in the power and wisdom of plants. Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and other ancient healing modalities from north and south America, and around the world have depended on the healing power of different plants – traditions that have lasted for thousands of years for a reason.

Though those traditional medicinal modalities depended largely on ancient, undocumented wisdom, modern science has begun to catch up and explain why so many of the natural ingredients in our world have such strong healing powers.


We utilize ingredients and extracts that come from natural plant-based sources because we believe those are the purest, most effective and unadulterated sources.

While those sources are often based on traditions established thousands of years ago, we are committed to only using ingredients that are also backed by clinically studies with substantial third party research.

Through this commitment, we create supplements that are vegan friendly, but that even our meat eater friends will love.

Synergistic relationships
for comPREHENSIVE benefits

Like peanut butter and jam, some things are better together, and we believe this is true with wellness. A better sleep is going to make for a better day, a better mood for better confidence, and better gut health for better cognition – and better overall health.

In fact, the same can be said about all of our wellness pillars. By directly improving one pillar, other pillars will indirectly see benefit.

This is also the approach we take with the ingredients we use. Many ingredients’ benefits are amplified when they are combined with other ingredients. For example, ashwagandha and boswellia serrata are a match made in heaven, with strong synergistic mechanisms when taken together. Though powerful on their own, when they are combined their benefits are multiplied.

By using this approach, we ensure we are not only optimizing your wellness, but elevating all aspects of your overall health and lifestyle as well.


Look, we are busy people with big dreams and bigger expectations, and as much as we would love to spend our days solely on elevating our wellness, we just don’t have the time. On most days, a few minutes (hopefully more!) upon waking and just before bed are all the “me” time we see in a day.

We know we are not alone, and we are committed to building a brand that leverages a streamlined approach to totally optimize all aspects of wellness, so even the busiest person can find the time to elevate their life.


Speaking of time in the morning and before bed, we are huge proponents of cultivating empowering morning and nighttime routines that can fit your schedule.

Why the morning and night? Well, we have found that those are the only two times of the day that we are in direct control over.

Also, when it comes to supplements, it just makes sense – some are designed to help you through your day, while others are better to be taken before bed. With STUNN, you can be sure to find a streamlined approach to elevate your wellness, with an emphasis on those two crucial points in your day.


Call us over-achievers, but when we set out to create the ultimate wellness supplement, we knew it had to check off ALL of the boxes.

That meant it had to address all six wellness pillars, it had to be completely plant-based without any fillers or toxins, and each ingredient needed to play nicely with the next – aka they needed to have synergistic benefits, all while fitting into even the busiest schedules.

With that in mind, we set out to develop the Ultimate Wellness Supplement Routine by combining Ultimate AM and Ulitmate PM.


In order to effectively optimize all aspects of wellness, we needed to be able to deliver the benefits at specific times of day, that means optimal dosages of specific nutrients in the morning and at night.

A tall order to fill, but we are confident the end result was worth the effort.


We are passionate about the power of plants, so it goes without saying that we demanded our products used exclusively used plant-based and non-toxic ingredients. 

So we’re proud to say our products are vegan, non-GMO, gluten free, cruelty-free, and free from all fillers or toxic materials (even the capsules).

We are all about streamlining to optimize your wellness. It was crucial to us that we spared no expense in our in-depth research and rigorous testing to identify key synergies between ingredients and their benefits.

Utilizing those synergistic relationships, we effectively address each of the six wellness pillars in a streamlined supplement routine.

Optimal nutrition for
an elevated life

We embarked on the journey of building the optimal beauty and wellness supplements so you could embark on the journey of building your optimal life.