STRENGTH Challenge: Week FOUR

Release Meditation

When things are going well, life seemingly falls into place. Your thoughts and emotions are singing your praises, and it feels like nothing can stand in your way. But things won’t always be going well. And when those sneaky little fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs creep in, it’s important to have tools to help get back on track.

As with life, transformation isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey. As cliche as that sounds, the hard parts tend to turn out to be the most important and profound. The strength we gain in those inevitable dark moments can become the foundation for that powerful, unshakable person we are stepping into.

Meditation is one of the best tools for clearing your mind and creating a safe space to work through psychological obstacles. Release mediation allows you to actively confront your negative thought patterns, then consciously release them.

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The Challenge:

Take a long, hard look at the negative thoughts and emotions that have been holding you back, not only throughout your day, but over time. When you feel like you’re swimming upstream, chances are there is something going on inside that needs to be addressed.

Check in with yourself and get real about your relationship with those challenges in your life. Are you struggling with comparison? Perhaps you need to work on releasing envy. Do things seem to fall apart right when they should be coming together? Maybe you have limiting beliefs that you need to let go of.

Identify the psychological blockages holding you back from your personal growth, then take the time to consciously release them through meditation. Exhaling your negative thoughts can create a cathartic release, and with daily practice, give you the strength to face obstacles and challenges as they come.

Time Commitment: 10 minutes

This practice should be done for at least 10 minutes, but it can be done longer if you like.

When: PM

This tool is best practiced at night, after you’ve had a full day to face all of your negative thoughts. Actively letting go of negative thoughts and emotions at the end of the day not only helps improve your mental wellbeing, but improves your sleep quality as well.

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Spend a few moments to take stock of your current emotional state and which negative thought patterns have been bogging you down, then sit or lie down and take a few deep breaths. Once you’re in your meditative state, focus on releasing each negative thought on the exhale. By releasing these negative thoughts you’re not only reducing negative emotions, but this practice also helps to clear your mind of any anxiety or stress that may be lingering.

  • Identify the negative thoughts and emotions occupying your mind.
  • Sit or lie comfortably and begin your meditation by taking a few slow deep breaths.
  • Consciously release each negative thought on your exhale. For example, mentally state ‘I am releasing all limiting beliefs’ or ‘I release all doubt’, or ‘I choose to release my anger’.

Take as long as you need to move through each thought or emotion until you feel your tension release.


Pairs Well With: STUNN PM

With ingredients like Griffonia simplicifolia and hops flower, STUNN PM serves as a great companion for release meditation by boosting your mood and promoting relaxation while you work through sticky emotions. Take STUNN PM one to two hours before your release meditation to maximize the benefits.

Strengthening your relationship with the psychological obstacles in your life may not be pleasant, but utilizing tools that aid in helping you work through those blockages will leave you stronger and more resilient as you continue along your journey to total transformation.

Next week we move into the fourth theme in our ten themes of total transformation: Confidence.

Transformation is journey oriented, where the process is arguably more impactful than any end result. Philosophically speaking, you could say the journey is the desired result… We can’t wait to get started on this journey, and hope you join us!

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