STRENGTH Challenge: Week TWO

Daily Core Work

This month we are exploring the Transformational Theme of Strength, and we are kicking off the second week with a physical strength challenge (check out the first challenge of developing a personal mission statement if you missed it). And no, don’t worry, we are not challenging anyone to lift heavy weights, run a marathon, or any other traditional feats of strength. This week is all about working a little bit of core exercises into your daily routine.

When most of us think of strength, images of body builders and professional athletes pop up. From this perspective, strength may seem unapproachable – something better left to the experts. We are challenging that notion though, and feel that anyone can develop the entire strength package (physical, mental, psychological, and inner strength) simply by cultivating empowering routines – no matter what your current relationship with physical exercise is.

The core is a key area to focus on strengthening as it is the area that connects the upper half of your body to the lower half. Every single movement you do either originates with the core, or passes through the core. Everything from gardening, to climbing the stairs, to playing tennis involves your core, and having a strong core correlates with improved posture, better balance, and an increased ability to move without injury or chronic pain.

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The Challenge:

Core strength is crucial for a strong, healthy body. This week the challenge is to add some core exercises into your routine. By adding a few minutes of core exercises each day, you will notice some pretty impressive results over time.

The best part about core work is it’s simple to do every day with a minor time commitment and without any additional equipment. It will prime your entire body for daily physical activity, whether that be walking up and down your stairs, or doing a full on 2 hour workout.

By working some core exercises into your daily routine, you will make exercise a habit, and will develop an improved relationship with your physical self. Additionally, with so many of us leading highly sedentary lives, even a small burst of exercise will release endorphins, leading to an elevated mood, while increasing your ability to handle stress, enhancing self confidence, and improving our physique.

Time Commitment: 10 minutes or less

Core work can be done in as little as 5 minutes, and really doesn’t need to take more than 10 minutes when done as a daily routine.

When: PM

Core work is an amazing way to finish the day. Try doing it in the evening prior to dinner, or use it to kick off your usual evening routine, ideally an hour or more before bed.

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Rather than tell you exactly how you should add core exercises into your daily routine, we thought we would share some amazing free YouTube videos you can start with. We have broken them down by time and difficulty level, so feel free to start where you feel comfortable. As you progress, there are endless videos and exercises that you can work into your routine. All you need is a comfortable surface to do the exercises.

5-8 minutes:




10-12  Minutes:




    • Pamela Reif has a lot of great 10 minute core workouts that are on the more difficult end. Start here, and if you like it, give her others a try! 
    • Relentless Muscle also has a number of more advanced 10 minute core workouts to try. Start here, and feel free to navigate to his other workouts if you like the style.


Pairs Well With: STUNN PM

We recommend taking STUNN PM immediately following your evening core workout (ideally an hour or two before you head to bed). Ingredients such as Griffonia simplicifolia, Hops Flower, Passion Flower, and Valerian Root will aid in relaxing and releasing stress before bed, and combined with a little exercise, will ensure you sleep like a baby.

Next week, we will introduce cold therapy through daily cold showers as a method to increase mental strength.

Transformation is journey oriented, where the process is arguably more impactful than any end result. Philosophically speaking, you could say the journey is the desired result… We can’t wait to get started on this journey, and hope you join us!

Not a part of the STUNN Tribe yet? Why not join us in our Facebook Group? We (and hopefully you) will be providing regular updates on these challenges, sharing our personal experiences, and generally diving a whole lot deeper on all things.

STUNN Collective is all about curating transformative routines, and connecting the dots between mental wellbeing and skincare. We all intuitively know that stress, fatigue, and anxiety is often linked to bad skin, and STUNN Collective is changing that with innovative, 100% plant based, vegan supplements, and a community forward approach.

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