We are committed to going beyond skin deep to heal your skin and mind. Our goal is to Empower you to redefine your definition of beautiful by regenerating your skin and shifting your mind-set.

STUNN Collective was founded by Ashleigh and Jordan DePass with the mission to redefine the definition of beautiful and bridge the gap between mental well-being and physical beauty.

“We are here to serve you, to provide you with the opportunity to change your own life. To redefine your definition of beautiful and empower yourself to truly transform your life from the inside out.”


The missing ingredient in the beauty equation.

Ash grew up pursuing acting, and from the time she was a little girl, she was convinced that she was not beautiful. She developed a toxic relationship with beauty and the beauty industry, relentlessly seeking a product that would miraculously make her beautiful. The problem was, make-up, serums, creams – as great as they are – could only go skin deep.

That’s when she realized there was a massive problem with the beauty industry – our moods, energy levels, sleep patterns, and mind-sets play a huge role in our external appearance, as well as how we view ourselves. There were no products that recognized the wellness factor as a crucial part of the total beauty equation, and no simple solutions existed to improve well-being, while also directly improving the more traditional markers of external beauty.

And, it was high time someone did something about that.

A beautiful man and woman smile at the camera in formal attire

Ash teamed up with her husband, Jordan, an engineer with a passion for Auyvedic and plant-based, traditional medicine, to create an effective product that provided a simple solution to improve skin and mind on the cellular level.

Their goal was to create a product that truly transformed an individual from the inside out, and empowered them to redefine their own definition of beautiful.

A tall man with long hair with his arm around a woman with dark hair standing on a deck on a river

Guided by the expertise of their formulator and technical advisor, Matt Ziegler, they worked to develop a product that checked off all their requirements:

  • It had to be vegan, and contain 100% natural ingredients
  • It had to contain clinically proven ingredients in clinically researched dosages and forms
  • It had to stimulate real collagen production through natural, vegan collagen precursors, not through added collagen (collagen containing products are mostly marketing hype if they say they will increase collagen production)
  • It had to deliver short term and long term benefits for both inner well being and external beauty
  • It had to be simple and easy to take
  • It had to work around the clock

After years of research, formulating, and testing, STUNN AM and STUNN PM were finally born, effectively filling the void between inner well being and external beauty. The duo are the first expert-crafted, plant-based supplements formulated with clinically proven, 100% natural ingredients that work to repair your skin, mind and life. Taking two capsules, twice a day creates an empowering routine, planting the seeds of transformation to regenerate your skin and restore your mind.

Now, when Ash looks back on her life as an actress, she can see that she didn’t need all those extra topical products. She can see that was always beautiful, because she was able to redefine her definition of beauty to include herself.

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