PURPOSE Challenge: Week four

PURPOSE Challenge: Week four


The need for purpose starts the moment we become aware of our own place in the world, or lack thereof. When we are young, we are constantly taking in the world in all of its splendor. We aren’t worried about who we are or what we’re meant to do. We are simply living moment to moment. As we grow up, we begin to measure and question our place in the world. We start making decisions about how we relate to, and interact with, the people, places, and things around us. Overtime we begin to develop a sense of self, and lose that awe and wonder we had in our infancy.

The weight of the world; the pressures to succeed and the need to make something spectacular out of ourselves, can destroy the very thing that does make us spectacular; our unique essence. Purpose isn’t solely made up of external events and circumstances. In fact, the thing that drives us to seek purpose comes from within ourselves, and yet we are constantly looking outside of ourselves to find it.

This is where spirituality comes in. This doesn’t exclusively relate to religion, though if that’s where you identify, that is where you will find it. In a sense, spirituality relates to the deepest connection you have within yourself. Through acknowledging that you are a beautiful, vibrant, loving human being, and you are here for a reason, you are actively planting the seeds of purpose.

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The Challenge:

Spiritual connection starts by connecting with that deepest part of yourself; the essence of your being. Whether you call that essence God, Buddha, the Universe, Highest Self, or anything else, the idea is the same. 

Set aside ten minutes at the end of your day right before you intend to go to sleep to commune with that essence through meditation or prayer. What you say or think about during this prayer or meditation is up to you. You can say a prayer of gratitude, you can have an open mental conversation about how you’re feeling, or you can simply focus on your own divine essence and visualize yourself on a spiritual level – the practice is in your hands.

The goal of this exercise is to develop and maintain a meaningful and empowering relationship with your own unique spirituality, providing you with an intrinsic sense of purpose, meaning, and gratitude. 


Time Commitment: 10 minutes

The optimal time for this exercise is 10 minutes but it can be practiced for as long as feels right to you.


When: PM

This exercise is most effective when done immediately before you intend to go to bed. Give yourself an extra ten minutes before your allotted bedtime, then sit or lie down and commence your prayer or meditation.

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After you’ve finished your nighttime routines, get into bed or find a quiet and comfortable place to meditate or pray. Take as much time as feels right to you to connect with the divine part of yourself. 

  • Get comfortable and sit or lie down
  • Focus on your breath to get you into a peaceful state, then commence your prayer or meditation.
  • The actual prayer or meditation is up to you. You can visualize yourself as a spiritual being, you can have a conversation with God or your Highest Self, or you can pray in whatever way feels right to you.
  • Once you’re done, give thanks to that spiritual essence, and allow yourself to drift off to sleep.


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The ingredients in STUNN PM will provide you with a calming and tranquil feeling that can help facilitate a deeper meditation or prayer.


By consciously connecting with a higher power and developing a meaningful relationship with something greater than yourself, you are developing powerful seeds of purpose – which you can take with you in every moment of your life.

Next week we will look at the next theme Courage.

Transformation is journey oriented, where the process is arguably more impactful than any end result. Philosophically speaking, you could say the journey is the desired result… We can’t wait to get started on this journey, and hope you join us!

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