PURPOSE Challenge: Week TWO

PURPOSE Challenge: Week TWO

Personal Connections

It goes without saying that being close to loved ones or maintaining a connection with the people who you trust is vital to your mental and emotional wellbeing, but those relationships go beyond just feeling good.

According to Blue Zones, one of the key factors in longevity is community. Maintaining close relationships with loved ones or playing a role in other’s lives, whether it be through community initiatives or even just being there for friends and family when they need you, is without a doubt a huge part of cultivating purpose in your own life.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, you are deeply important to the people around you, and in a lot of ways you are part of what gives them purpose. So by keeping those relationships alive and thriving, you are doubling down on both your own feelings of purpose, and theirs too.

Two friends piggy backing each other on a city street

The Challenge:

Life gets busy, and if you are not careful, weeks, months, and sometimes even years can pass between meaningful conversations with some of those you care about most. 

The challenge this week is to consciously connect with a loved one every evening. By setting aside time each evening to connect with someone you love, you are subconsciously cultivating a sense of purpose and allowing yourself to embrace feeling valued and validated.


Time Commitment: TBD

The actual time commitment is up to your own discretion. Whether it be a quick text or an hour long phone call, the time spent is completely within your own control and can fit into your schedule.


When: PM

At the end of your day, set aside 5 minutes to two hours to connect with a loved one.


Create a list of people you love who you feel compelled to connect with, then choose one person to reach out to each day for the duration of the week. 

  • Find a quiet and comfortable place where you can easily communicate with your friend or family member
  • Pick up your phone and reach out
  • Pick a new friend or family member each day


Pairs Well With: STUNN PM

Reaching out to people you haven’t connected with in a while can bring up anxious feelings and cause a bit of stress. STUNN PM can help calm your nerves and allow you to enjoy the conversation, rather than getting hung up on how you’re feeling.


As with every challenge in the Ten Themes of Transformation, you can continue to practice them ongoing if they are working for you and are fuelling your own transformative journey. As cliche as it sounds, life really isn’t about the destination, it is about the journey. So be proud of where you’re at and keep going because you’ve got this.

Next week we’ll take a look how to cultivate purpose through daily indulgences.

Transformation is journey oriented, where the process is arguably more impactful than any end result. Philosophically speaking, you could say the journey is the desired result… We can’t wait to get started on this journey, and hope you join us!

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