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How to shift into ‘happy’ gear

It goes without saying that your mind is the most powerful tool in your arsenal. The way you perceive the world around you becomes your reality. It isn’t magic; it’s simply the fact that your perspective dictates how you weigh and extrapolate particular situations. Your mind is constantly at work navigating the world around you, shaping not only how you interact with the world, but how the world interacts with you.

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Why you should introduce Mind-Care into your skincare

Have you ever been casually looking for a beauty product, when you suddenly found yourself inundated with heavily photoshopped images of “perfect” looking women? The answer is likely yes, and if you are anything like most of us, you were probably left feeling depleted and depressed – but hey, maybe those products will help, right?

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How to boost your confidence

There are so many beauty products out there that promise miraculous results with little to no effort – instant transformation and gratification sounds great, but the problem with these types of promises is that they spur unrealistic expectations and make you feel like a failure when they don’t work – because there really is no such thing as instant when it comes to transformation.

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Three steps to glow from the inside out.

here is definitely something to be said about ‘glowing’. It’s more than just having radiant luminous skin; it’s a feeling. The idea of glowing embodies a sense of wellbeing that runs deeper than just running a highlighter stick along your cheekbones and calling it a day. To glow really means you have your ‘sh$t’ together – you feel balanced, optimistic, satisfied, confident, and of course, radiant.

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The Low Down On What Really Causes Aging

Aging is something that happens gradually, day after day, whether you like it or not. You likely associate it with the appearance of a new fine line, muscle soreness, or a new gray hair, but the fact is since the day you were born, you have been growing a little bit older. And that’s actually something worth celebrating; if you’re not aging, you’re not living.

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Three powerful tools to defy the aging process

Growing older is a beautiful thing. Each year is another one full of memories and unforgettable experiences. As you grow older you gain more wisdom and confidence. With age, you have the opportunity to truly find yourself and become more comfortable and content with who you are. But there is a tipping point, isn’t there?

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Four Simple Ways to Develop Courage

What does courage mean? When we think of someone courageous, a mythical character who overcame an extreme hardship often comes to mind. Someone who single handedly marched into the unknown with little chance of survival, and managed to hold it all together and come out the other side.

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The Four Steps to Achieve Amazing Skin

Since the 5th century BC there have been stories of people hunting for the fountain of youth. Perhaps not all of these stories have been strictly based around the pursuit of beautiful, youthful skin, but if there is something almost everyone – regardless of age or gender – can relate to, it’s the desire for great skin.

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Three Best Ingredients For Activating Collagen Production

Collagen has become a major buzz word over the past couple of years. It seems that everywhere you look, there is another collagen product. From supplements, to powders, to food, to cocktails even – you can find some form of collagen included. Which is great if you’re looking for something that lubricates your joints and helps improve your skin’s hydration, but if you’re looking for more of your own natural collagen, you might want to look elsewhere.

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How to use your thoughts to transform your skin

Confucius once said that everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. In that case it could easily be argued that everyone has beauty too. The definition of what is beautiful has been shaped and – dare we say – warped over centuries. Every culture has its own standard of what the epitome of beauty looks like, and beyond that, each person has their own ideals based on historical, cultural, and societal influence. By the time we’re teenagers we know what beautiful ‘should be’, and we struggle to find ourselves within that definition.

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Four tools to cultivate purpose and meaning

‘Those who have a “why” to live, can bear with almost any “how”.’, wrote Viktor Frankl in his book “Man’s search for meaning”. Viktor Frankl, a renowned psychologist and holocaust survivor, certainly had a unique perspective on “meaning”. In fact, the experience of being a prisoner in Auschwitz led him to discover that the desire to find a meaning in life is essential to the human experience, even more than the desire for pleasure or power. To say finding purpose is important may just be an understatement.

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Three tools to save your skin and combat stress

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just turn stress and anxiety off? If you could just set your cortisol levels to ‘optimal’ and leave them there? Think of how much better you would sleep without all those thoughts and fears keeping you up at night. Think of all the tension you hold in your body; your neck, your jaw, your stomach, and how great it would feel to just let all that go.

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The three best antioxidants for your skin you’ve never heard of

As the summer sun starts to heat up, BBQ’s, weekend trips, and summer holiday plans become the focus. And with that your routines and health-focused eating tends to go out the window. Pair that with delightful excess sun exposure and daily happy hour, summer can take a massive toll on your skin. The good news is that there is one simple ingredient you can add into your plans that will keep your skin healthy and your collagen production strong: antioxidants.

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Three tips to radically improve your sleep

How many hours of sleep do you aim for each night? How many are you actually getting? Maybe you’re aiming for six to eight hours; you get into bed around 11pm, turn the lights out around 11:30pm, and set the alarm for 6am. If you’re one of the lucky people who are able to fall asleep fast and stay asleep, then you may just be hitting the six hour mark.

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How to get truly radiant skin from the inside out

With summer right around the corner, we’re all looking for ways to not only protect our skin, but make it glow too! There is nothing like stepping out of the house with minimal or no make-up and feeling truly radiant. That is why we want to look at four proven steps that will create the type of glow that doesn’t come from a bottle, and won’t wash off at night.

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Four empowering tools to cultivate confidence now

Experience is one of the most effective ways to gain confidence, but what about the times when you need confidence in order to have an experience? When your lack of confidence is causing you mental and emotional distress, keeping you in the vicious cycle of your need for confidence depleting the little confidence you have, the only way to break through is experience. This is where visualization comes in.

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Why your emotional health is integral to your skin health

Remember the last time you blushed? Remember how your face felt hot, and your cheeks and ears burned a bit? What about the last time you had a really terrible sleep and you woke with red, puffy skin and dark circles under your eyes? Your emotions play a serious role in your outer appearance. Stress, anxiety, and fatigue show up on our skin whether we like it or not.

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The truth about wrinkles

There are two types of aging: intrinsic aging; the natural aging process that takes place over time, regardless of outside influences, and extrinsic aging; which is a result of harmful external factors. Wrinkles are a natural occurrence, and are a normal part of intrinsic aging. And, we would argue vehemently that some wrinkles are downright beautiful. Smile and laugh lines show traces of a life well lived, and should be celebrated.

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How to prevent collagen loss and repair damaged cells

If you’ve never heard the word antioxidant, it’s safe to say you’ve been living under a rock. Antioxidants have become a marketing buzz-word in the beauty, skincare, and overall wellness industry. But, like Einstein’s theory of relativity – everyone’s heard of them, but few actually understand them. You know antioxidants are ‘good for you’, but do you know why?

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Why you need to re-evaluate your self-care routine

Self-care has become a trendy word, generally associated with face masks and jade rollers. It has even become a bit of a joke; seen by many as an excuse invented by entitled millennials to push off necessary tasks in the name of self pampering. Self-care is a hashtag, it’s a trend, it’s something goofy we say we should do on Sundays cause, well, why not?

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How to reduce stress and save your skin while you’re at it

Back before we were tucked away in our homes facing a global pandemic, stress and anxiety seemed to feel manageable – in comparison at least. Now, with the heightened uncertainty, stress and anxiety seem to follow us around like lost puppies. They are there when we wake up, and linger until we’re sound asleep – if they choose to let us sleep.

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How to master commitment and reach your goals through daily routines

Welcome back to STUNN’s Total Transformation Challenge, where we introduce a new theme each month and explore the theme through weekly AM and PM self-care challenges. If you would like to participate in our challenges join our group on Facebook, or follow the challenge links provided in each post. This month’s transformational theme is COMMITMENT.

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How to boost your mood and improve your sleep-wake cycles

With all of the compounding stress and urgency to strengthen our immune systems right now, sleep is one of the most important and easily accessible things we can do. With the current protocol to stay home, this seems like the perfect opportunity to catch up on those much needed Z’s.

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Everything Is Going To Be Okay

Raise your hand if you’re feeling a wee bit anxious these days – same. It is an exceptionally stressful and uncertain time right now, and in times like these, the absolute most important thing you can do is to take care of your mental wellbeing.

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Four Steps to Develop Awareness and Improve Your Overall Lifestyle

In alignment with STUNN’s Total Transformation Challenge, we will be exploring ten pivotal themes in achieving total transformation in every aspect of your life. If you would like to participate in our challenges join our group on Facebook or follow the challenge links provided in each post. This month’s theme is: AWARENESS.

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10 Months To Total Transformation

Introducing the Total Transformation Challenge that your skin, mind, and life will appreciate. This week’s post will be a little bit different than some of our previous ones. We want to take this opportunity to discuss a concept we have been developing over the past number of months as a company, and past many years as individuals. The concept is something we at STUNN have started to refer to as “Total Transformation”.

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Is your bad mood hijacking your skincare routine

Why you really need to stop neglecting your mental wellness when it comes to skincare (and everything else). The words ‘great’, ‘finally’ and even ‘about damn time’ come to mind when I think about the fact that the conversation about mental health has started to move into mainstream culture.

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Do you need a digital detox?

If someone were to send you to a deserted island with just the bare necessities and leave you there for a week, how would you feel? Depending on your current situation, you may think it sounds relaxing, but to others it may sound like a literal nightmare.

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Interview with Eva McLaurin

We had the pleasure to chat with Eva McLaurin, chef and wellness lifestyle expert, to get to know a little about where she came from, what helped shape her business today, how spirituality made its way into her business, and what beauty means to her.

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The Truth About Collagen

Collagen has seemed to be the buzz word for the last five years, and since then collagen has found its way into numerous products from gummies, to chocolate, to protein powder, to fizzy beverages, to capsules.

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A woman stands in cold water

Dive In and Break The Ice

There is nothing better than choosing to be freezing cold, am I right? Anyone? I won’t be shocked if you don’t agree – I personally dislike the cold.

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How To Turn Fear Into Champagne

How many times have you said that, either to yourself or out loud? I, myself, have said it probably four times this morning. Feeling stuck, suffocating in the fear of not knowing if anything is going to work out. Not knowing if you’ll ever succeed.

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