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A woman reading silhouetted in a window

How to improve your cognition and intelligence

I have a secret – I am obsessed with reading. It is one of the things I look forward to each day, and has firmly been part of my nighttime routine for as long as I can remember. I had always felt like it was a guilty pleasure, but the truth is, it’s actually shockingly beneficial for improving your brain health and function.

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A woman with brown hair holding a drink and the straw

How to practice intuitive eating

If you’ve been tuning into our Wellness Leader Series on Instagram, you’ve probably heard the word ‘Bio Individual’ come up in conversation. And while it may sound very sciencey and unapproachable when you boil it down, what it means is we are all unique.

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A woman standing in a shower

A simple hack to boost your energy every morning

You’ve heard it once, you’ll hear it again, cold showers are one of my all time favorite rituals. And, for a number of reasons including supporting healthy inflammation response, (which also helps with de-puffing skin), reducing stress, and providing a bit of a cognitive boost.

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An asian woman in a white room with sunlight on her face

How to get beauty sleep

Spoiler alert, beauty sleep is real. You’ve likely heard just how devastating a lack of sleep can be for all aspects of your beauty and wellness. From depleting your collagen to plummeting your immune system to spiking your cortisol levels to ramping up dehydration, sleep deprivation is your worst nightmare (pun intended).

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A woman in the sunlight with a halo

Why you should introduce Mind-Care into your skincare

Have you ever been casually looking for a beauty product, when you suddenly found yourself inundated with heavily photoshopped images of “perfect” looking women? The answer is likely yes, and if you are anything like most of us, you were probably left feeling depleted and depressed – but hey, maybe those products will help, right?

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A woman under sprinklers

How to boost your confidence

There are so many beauty products out there that promise miraculous results with little to no effort – instant transformation and gratification sounds great, but the problem with these types of promises is that they spur unrealistic expectations and make you feel like a failure when they don’t work – because there really is no such thing as instant when it comes to transformation.

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A woman in the ocean looking up at the sky

How to use your thoughts to transform your skin

Confucius once said that everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. In that case it could easily be argued that everyone has beauty too. The definition of what is beautiful has been shaped and – dare we say – warped over centuries. Every culture has its own standard of what the epitome of beauty looks like, and beyond that, each person has their own ideals based on historical, cultural, and societal influence. By the time we’re teenagers we know what beautiful ‘should be’, and we struggle to find ourselves within that definition.

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A woman looking at a city on a hill at dusk

Three tools to save your skin and combat stress

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just turn stress and anxiety off? If you could just set your cortisol levels to ‘optimal’ and leave them there? Think of how much better you would sleep without all those thoughts and fears keeping you up at night. Think of all the tension you hold in your body; your neck, your jaw, your stomach, and how great it would feel to just let all that go.

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A woman laughing on a yellow background

How to get truly radiant skin from the inside out

With summer right around the corner, we’re all looking for ways to not only protect our skin, but make it glow too! There is nothing like stepping out of the house with minimal or no make-up and feeling truly radiant. That is why we want to look at four proven steps that will create the type of glow that doesn’t come from a bottle, and won’t wash off at night.

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A kid jumping off a diving board

Four empowering tools to cultivate confidence now

Experience is one of the most effective ways to gain confidence, but what about the times when you need confidence in order to have an experience? When your lack of confidence is causing you mental and emotional distress, keeping you in the vicious cycle of your need for confidence depleting the little confidence you have, the only way to break through is experience. This is where visualization comes in.

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A woman standing in front of a sunset with her arms spread

The Low Down On What Really Causes Aging

Aging is something that happens gradually, day after day, whether you like it or not. You likely associate it with the appearance of a new fine line, muscle soreness, or a new gray hair, but the fact is since the day you were born, you have been growing a little bit older. And that’s actually something worth celebrating; if you’re not aging, you’re not living.

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A woman looking up

Three powerful tools to defy the aging process

Growing older is a beautiful thing. Each year is another one full of memories and unforgettable experiences. As you grow older you gain more wisdom and confidence. With age, you have the opportunity to truly find yourself and become more comfortable and content with who you are. But there is a tipping point, isn’t there?

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A beautiful black woman on a street in profile

The Four Steps to Achieve Amazing Skin

Since the 5th century BC there have been stories of people hunting for the fountain of youth. Perhaps not all of these stories have been strictly based around the pursuit of beautiful, youthful skin, but if there is something almost everyone – regardless of age or gender – can relate to, it’s the desire for great skin.

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A woman half submerged in water

Three Best Ingredients For Activating Collagen Production

Collagen has become a major buzz word over the past couple of years. It seems that everywhere you look, there is another collagen product. From supplements, to powders, to food, to cocktails even – you can find some form of collagen included. Which is great if you’re looking for something that lubricates your joints and helps improve your skin’s hydration, but if you’re looking for more of your own natural collagen, you might want to look elsewhere.

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A black woman wearing sunglasses and a bathing suit

The three best antioxidants for your skin you’ve never heard of

As the summer sun starts to heat up, BBQ’s, weekend trips, and summer holiday plans become the focus. And with that your routines and health-focused eating tends to go out the window. Pair that with delightful excess sun exposure and daily happy hour, summer can take a massive toll on your skin. The good news is that there is one simple ingredient you can add into your plans that will keep your skin healthy and your collagen production strong: antioxidants.

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An older woman laughing in front of flowers

The truth about wrinkles

There are two types of aging: intrinsic aging; the natural aging process that takes place over time, regardless of outside influences, and extrinsic aging; which is a result of harmful external factors. Wrinkles are a natural occurrence, and are a normal part of intrinsic aging. And, we would argue vehemently that some wrinkles are downright beautiful. Smile and laugh lines show traces of a life well lived, and should be celebrated.

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