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STUNN is for the creators the doers the seekers and the dreamers.


STUNN is for the bold, empowered women who know that real beauty goes beyond skin deep, who want more from their skincare than a surface solution. The game-changers who want to look AND feel amazing, who are driven to blaze their own trails, light up every room, and harness their own unique beauty from the inside out.


"Our goal was to create something that would truly transform your skin from the inside out, and empower you to find your own light, step into your own glow, and harness your own unique beauty."

Before I cofounded STUNN with my husband Jordan, I was an actress. I LOVED acting… But I was constantly bombarded with toxic beauty standards reminding me that I wasn’t good enough. I started to develop a toxic relationship with my appearance, and equated my lack of success to a perceived lack of beauty.

So began the tireless hunt for skincare that would magically “fix” me – skincare I would never find, because the problem wasn’t on my face. The real issue went way beyond the surface, and the solution to that problem had to come from within…

Stress, sleep, hormones, environment, and gut-health all play a HUGE role in not only how you feel about yourself, but in the health and integrity of your skin too.

That’s when I realized traditional skincare couldn’t even begin to help this.

It was INSANE that no solutions existed to simultaneously nourish your skin on the cellular level, while supporting the key internal and external factors that affect your skin.

So, I teamed up with Jordan, an engineer with a passion for Ayurvedic and traditional medicine, to create super clean, super simple, science-backed products that provide a real solution to nourish all of the unique factors of your skin from within.

Our goal was to create something that would truly transform your skin from the inside out, and empower you to find your own light, step into your own glow, and harness your own unique beauty.

So we did. And, STUNN was born.

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We exist to empower you to not only improve the health and integrity of your skin from within, but to support you in truly harnessing your own unique beauty and potential. To continue to show up everyday, and inspire you to truly believe in, and embody, the stunning women you already are. 


You are unique and so is your skin. We don’t believe in spot treating or surface solutions. We understand that your body operates synergistically; your skin is the largest organ in your body and is deeply affected by key internal and external factors – so, we vow to provide you with a truly holistic approach that covers all your bases.


Nothing worth having comes easy. We rebel against the quick, cheap, and easy culture. We are here for those who want deep, meaningful change and are ready and willing to put in the work to achieve the transformation they seek, not only in the surface of their skin, but in every aspect of their lives as well.


We are nothing without our tribe. Our customers are more than people who buy our products, YOU are the pillars of our community, the bold, inspiring trail blazers who truly shape the STUNN brand. We endeavour provide you with consistent empowerment and form a lasting connection with each of you – building a bold, empowering, and enduring community.


We stand for transparency, sustainability, honesty, and kindness. We’re all in this together and we acknowledge that we are in a position to do good. Whether it is being transparent about our operations, striving to continuously improve our carbon foot-print, being honest about who we are, and always putting you; our customers, partners, teammates, and community members first.


We’re not your guru, we’re figuring this thing we call life out right there with you. We stand for open, honest, and authentic communication and relationships. We are here for you, and are willing to be vulnerable, share the lessons we’ve learned, our own experiences, and the wisdom we have cultivated from our friends and mentors.


Step into your own glow with STUNN Collective holistic beauty & wellness supplements. Start your STUNN routine and transform your inner wellness and skin, from the inside out.