Founder updates

Founder updates

A Look Ahead - New Year, New Horizons

Published: 01.13.2021

We have a huge year ahead of us at STUNN Collective, and I’m so excited to share some of the things we have in the pipeline!

First, I want to thank our phenomenal customers, subscribers, and STUNN Collective tribe members. It is people like you who have been, and continue to be, the soul of our brand, shaping each decision we make as well as the overall future of STUNN Collective.

You are doers, the seekers, the creators, and the dreamers. The bold, empowered game-changers who are driven to dig deeper, find your own light and blaze your own trails.

We never set out to please the masses, our mission has always been to empower the trailblazers to dig deeper, to go beyond the surface to step into their own glow and harness their own unique beauty and potential.

We are so proud of our people, you inspire us on a daily basis, and we are so grateful to be a part of your journey – thank you!

Feel free to watch the video below for a brief summary, or read the entire post for all of the details.

What’s Coming

We have a TON of exciting things in the works this year including a website revamp with a brand new science page, an updated ingredient library, as well as a new story section. These changes are now live – feel free to have a look around.

And, we have so much more planned, such as new challenges and events, new packaging and labels, AND exciting new products – which are set to launch later this year.

So stay tuned!

Speaking of challenges, we are launching our first one, ‘Step into Your Glow’, Monday February 8th.

Details: ‘Step into Your Glow’ is a quick 6 day challenge to ignite your inner radiance and empower you to step into your glow. This challenge consists of 6 short 10 minute or less, visualization meditations that can be done in the privacy of your own home, along with daily inspiration, and a simple intro and outro survey.

What you can expect: 

Boost in confidence and inner radiance

Reduction of stress and anxiety

A renewed sense of balance 

Daily inspiration and guidance

Additionally, everyone who participates will receive a $25 gift card to the STUNN Collective store (if you’re a subscriber, you’ll get $25 off your next subscription renewal). Plus, we will randomly draw one lucky participant to win a complimentary month of the AM+PM Beauty Set.

Since this is the first time offering the ‘Step into Your Glow’ challenge, we are waiving all fees and allowing all of our community members the chance to join for free – so, what are you waiting for?

*Admissions close Thursday February 4st. 

Big Changes

Lastly, we are changing the name of AM Youth Boost and PM Cell Reset.

We’ve made so many changes over the past year, continuing to hone in on who we are and where we’re going, and those names just don’t feel right anymore.

So, we wanted to gather our tribe and decide brand new names!

We want to hear from YOU – Do you have the PERFECT names in mind for our AM and PM skincare supplements? Send us quick email ([email protected]) with your top picks.

Next week I will share our top 5 favorite suggestions, via email, and open it up to a vote.

The winning names will be chosen based on your vote, and whoever’s names get chosen will receive a complimentary month of both supplements!

Thank you so much again to all of our subscribers, customers, and community members. You are such a vital part of our community! We are so excited to continue to watch your soar!

PS – If you want more from me, more connection, inspiration, and sense of community please join us in our Facebook group and/or follow us on Instagram. I personally run both accounts, and I would absolutely LOVE to get to know you better and have you there!

Ash DePass smiling at the camera

Ash DePass
CoFounder and CMO
Email: [email protected]
Toll-Free: 888-788-6626 ext. 702

STUNN Collective exists to empower you with super clean, science-backed skincare supplements to transform your skin from within, morning and night, so you can harness your own unique beauty and potential.

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