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How to wake up bright eyed, ready to win the day

Waking up full of energy, ready to tackle the day sounds like something that only happens in movies – usually one’s with plucky Disney Princesses at the helm. It’s one thing to get into a routine where you fall asleep easily, and if you’re lucky, sleep through the night, but as we’re aware, that doesn’t always equate to waking up refreshed in the mornings.

Setting ourselves up for success by getting into an empowering and relaxing nighttime routine is the first step. The next step is to get in sync with our natural circadian rhythms. This means ensuring it is dark at night, but conversely, it is also good to  allow soft light in the morning. Light will communicate with our systems to encourage us to start waking up, shifting from sleep to wake.

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The next, and seemingly most obvious, step is making sure you’re getting an adequate amount of sleep. For a healthy adult, the ideal amount of sleep is seven to eight hours a night. For many of us that may feel unattainable, but there are ways to work towards this as a goal.

  • Set a go-to-sleep reminder on your phone. The ideal time to set this reminder is two hours before you would like to be in bed with the lights out. There are various apps you can download if you want a more aggressive nudge, or simply set a gentle alarm on your phone.

  • If you know you need to wake up at 6am, make it a goal to be in bed by 9:45pm, giving yourself a fifteen minute window in case life happens. It’s also important to note that you should avoid beating yourself up, or stressing out, if you’re lying in bed unable to sleep. Focusing on the negative aspects of not being able to sleep, will only exacerbate the issue. Instead, focus on your breath and let the frustration and thoughts surrounding it go.

  • Set your alarm as you would, but set your ‘internal alarm’ for five minutes prior to the physical one. It’s as simple as telling yourself what time you would like to wake up, right before you close your eyes. It takes a bit of practice but before you know it you’ll be waking up on your own without the jarring sounds of your alarm.
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Once you’ve got those steps down, it’s time to focus on your morning routine.

For one reason or another you may not immediately wake up ready to face whatever the day has in store for you (even if you have an amazing sleep), but you can get there by cultivating a solid morning routine. If you already have one, great! If not, here is a simple three step morning routine that you can fit into any hectic schedule.

Step one: Meditate.

Get out of bed, and find a warm place where you can sit or lie down comfortably. Turn on a guided meditation or calming music, then focus on your breath, set an intention for the day, or repeat a mantra. You can do this for as little as 5 mins to make a positive impact on your day.

Step two: Cold shower.

We know, we know, you HATE this, but trust us when we say you won’t regret it. The cold water invigorates you, clears the mental cobwebs, and becomes the first challenging activity you accomplish in your day. The best part is, you can stay in for as little as 30 seconds if need be – start or end your regular shower off with an icy blast, or even just hop in for a quick rinse.

Step three: Journal.

Write whatever you feel compelled to write about; something you dreamt, goals for the day, conflicts your working through, or something your proud of. You can even write a story, or a poem, or write about how you don’t like writing in your journal. The act of releasing thoughts through writing makes room for you to start fresh, and focus on what is important to you that day.

Step four: Hydrate.

Pour yourself the biggest glass of water you can handle and drink it slowly. Drinking a full glass of water first thing in the morning re-hydrates you, and also helps to flush toxins. This is also the perfect time to take your STUNN AM.

With all these steps in your arsenal you should be primed to tackle your day. Achieving a healthy sleep-wake cycle may take time, but committing to a solid morning and night routine will be incredibly helpful tools in getting you there faster. Adding STUNN AM+PM to those routines will provide you with that extra support we can all use on a daily basis.

Written by the STUNN Collective team.

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