Why you should invest in a sacred nighttime routine

How to boost your mood and improve your sleep-wake cycles.

With all of the compounding stress and urgency to strengthen your immune systems right now, sleep is one of the most important and easily accessible things we can do. With the current protocol to stay home, this seems like the perfect opportunity to catch up on those much needed Z’s.

The problem is, as the days go by, our regular daily routines start to go out the window. Between the nightly temptation to imbibe and the daily temptation to indulge in sleeping in, paired with looming anxiety, times like this can wreak havoc on our sleep-wake cycles.

The importance of healthy sleep-wake cycles go beyond general wellbeing. Lack of quality sleep can affect all aspects of your life, from negatively impacting your mental wellbeing to depleting your collagen production to weakening your immune system.

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Whether you already have a fantastic nighttime routine or not, here are six practices you can use to improve your sleep-wake cycles and boost your mood:

1 – Unplug

Close your laptop, turn off the TV, and set your phone to airplane mode. The stimulation from the barrage of information we get from our electronic devices is one of the greatest detriments to our sleep. The blue light from screens can also interrupt our melatonin levels. The sooner you can unplug, the easier time you will have falling asleep.

2 -Journal

Once you’ve unplugged, now is the perfect time to look within and see where you’re at mentally. Once you’ve taken some time to reflect, open your journal and purge all of your thoughts. The act of writing down all of the ideas, fears, hopes, and questions can alleviate lingering stress, and allow you to clear your mind before bed.

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3 – Heat Therapy

Having a hot shower or bath before bed can help physically relax your muscles, and as contrary as it may sound, the heat from the water can lower your core body temperature, which will help you fall asleep faster.

4- Stretch

Once you’re out of the shower or bath, spend 5-10 minutes stretching. These stretches can be simple, and will help release whatever tension your body is still holding onto. Additionally, if you suffer from restless leg syndrome, something as simple as ‘legs up the wall’ can help relieve some of your symptoms.

5- Turn Off

Flick the switches and embrace the darkness. The darker your room, the less likely you are to wake up in the middle of the night. Darkness triggers your body’s own natural melatonin production, which is a key component of healthy sleep. So don’t be afraid to turn off the lights.

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Finally, taking PM CELL RESET two hours before bed will aid in relaxation, and is a perfect complement to your nighttime routine. The natural, herbal ingredients, including hops flower, griffonia simplicifolia, passion flower, and valerian root, help promote calm and reduce stress allowing you to fall asleep faster. 

A close up image of STUNN PMULTIMATE PM 

Stimulate collagen production while improving your sleep with a 30 day supply.†

$60 or $54/month


A close up image of STUNN PMULTIMATE PM 

Stimulate collagen production while improving your sleep with a 30 day supply.†

$60 or $54/month


Like most things in life, it takes time and commitment for these techniques to work. So, commit to a new nighttime routine for at least one full week, and notice the difference it makes in your energy levels, your mood, and in your skin too. 

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Written by the STUNN Collective team.

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