Four Simple Ways to Develop Courage

Over the last five months, we’ve taken deep dives into crucial themes on the journey of personal transformation, and have shared simple, daily tools and routines to empower you to embrace your innate beauty and potential. As we cross into the sixth theme of the 10 Themes of Transformation, it is time to introduce the next step in the journey: Courage.

Are you just getting started? Feel free to check out the previous months themes, and start the weekly challenges at any point you like. Remember – the purpose of the challenges are to expose you to a variety of tools and techniques that you can use every day to aid in your own personal transformation journey. Select your favorite challenges, and use them to build a strong daily routine that you can commit to long term – transformation is a process, so make it a habit each day!

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In this post we will explore the concept of courage and how it is a crucial part of developing trust and a belief in your own beauty and potential. We will outline the two types of courage that we all need to focus on, and will introduce four new tools (and challenges) that you can use to practice building your own courage.

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What does courage mean? When we think of someone courageous, a story worthy character who overcame an extreme hardship often comes to mind. Someone who single handedly marched into the unknown with little chance of survival, and managed to hold it all together and come out the other side. There is no doubt that David, in the biblical story of David vs. Goliath, Nelson Mandela in his fight against apartheid, and Amelia Earhart who was the first female to complete a solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean, are some pretty amazing examples of courage.

However, courageous acts are rarely that bold or glorious. The truth is, courage is something that we all have to muster up on a daily basis in much less glamorous ways. Any time we step outside our comfort zone, and commit to doing something that gives us butterflies or makes us feel nervous, we are practicing courage. And mastering courage could just be one of the most important steps you can take in the journey of life. 

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Acts of courage generally fall into two categories. Outward acts and inward acts.

The two types of courage:

  1. Outward Facing Courage:
    When we think about courage, outward facing courage is usually what comes to mind. These are the acts that others can see and are tangible. Some examples of outward acts of courage are public speaking, climbing a mountain, and asking your boss for a raise. These acts require a lot of time and effort to muster up the confidence to take the plunge, and most of us need to spend a significant amount of time mentally preparing for this type of courage. This type of courage builds confidence in our physical abilities and establishes the type of person we are to our peers.


  2. Inward Facing Courage:
    Inward facing courage is a lot more obscure, and a lot less shiny than its counterpart. The courage to truly be yourself on a daily basis, the courage to feel beautiful, and the courage to continually better yourself and find joy in the small things are some examples of inward courage. This type of courage is a lot less celebrated or tangible – often only you are aware of the courage it takes to be you – but it is vital in becoming the best version of yourself. If you can find inward courage, outward courage becomes a lot easier to come by.

There is no doubt that courage is important, but what if you feel like you just don’t have much of it? Don’t despair! Like most things, you can practice developing courage simply by exposing yourself to situations that require it. We have outlined four challenges to provide some structure to this practice.

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Four Simple Ways to Develop Courage

Are you participating in the Total Transformation Challenge? Feel free to navigate to the links in each of the following to read more about the challenge and give it a try!

1. Week 1: Daily Risk Challenge
We all have things nagging at us in the backs of our minds that we know we should do, but we often  ignore those things because they scare us. While there is a difference between calculated risks and stupid risks, pushing yourself out of your comfort zone always pays off. Why not focus on this and do one thing every day that scares you?

Learn more and take the Daily Risk Challenge >>

2. Week 2: Accepting Compliments
Looking someone in the eye while they’re giving you a compliment might be one of the more uncomfortable things you do in a day. Why is it so hard to accept that that compliment might just be genuine and you might just be worthy of it? This challenge will expose the courage it takes to believe in yourself.

Learn more and take the Accepting Compliments Challenge >>

3. Week 3: Cold Plunge
The purpose of this challenge is to focus on building some of the outward facing courage mentioned above. Fill your tub full of cold water, add some ice if you’ve got it, then jump in for a few minutes. All of the physical benefits aside (and there are many), the purpose of this challenge is to practice sitting in that mental discomfort that comes before you do something challenging. Sitting in cold water is difficult, but it is often more difficult to muster up the courage beforehand to make the decision to actually take the plunge.

Learn more and take the Cold Plunge Challenge >>


4. Week 4: Selfies
In a lot of ways, selfies are the ultimate form of owning your own beauty and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone to embrace a physical form of confidence. Posting a selfie is difficult in the best of times. Posting one each day for a week will really test your courage and self confidence. This challenge will bridge the gap between inner facing and outer facing courage, and is a great way to practice developing courage around embracing your innate beauty – free of edits, filters, and photoshop.

Learn more and take the Selfies Challenge >>


Courageous people were not usually born that way. It takes years of developing a practice around becoming comfortable with doing things that are uncomfortable. Finding courage will always be a test of your confidence and abilities, so why not train yourself to enjoy the process and ease the indecision and anxiety that often accompanies being courageous? 

Let us know how the challenges go, and feel free to reach out anytime! Remember, you are a courageous and beautiful being already, and you’ve got this!

Transformation is journey oriented, where the process is arguably more impactful than any end result. Philosophically speaking, you could say the journey is the desired result… We can’t wait to get started on this journey, and hope you join us!

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