Courage Challenge: Week FOUR

COurage Challenge: Week FOUR


Selfies have received a bit of a bad reputation since the dawn of Instagram, and much like how it is difficult to receive a compliment (see week two’s challenge), a lot of that has to do with our societal discomfort over people being happy – and dare we say – proud of who they are. In a lot of ways selfies are the ultimate form of owning your own beauty and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone to embrace a physical form of confidence.

The issue with a lot of selfies, or pictures of people on social media, is that they are heavily edited and depict unrealistic and unnatural versions of people. So, rather than being empowering and inspiring, selfies have created unhealthy standards of beauty. The good news is people are beginning to call themselves out and share real, unedited pictures of themselves to celebrate their own unique beauty and create a conversation around body and face positivity.

Those are the types of selfies – the real, unedited ones – that we are challenging you to post every day this week.

A beautiful young woman smiling at the camera

The Challenge:

Embrace that beautiful self of yours and commit to sharing one (or more) unedited photo(s) a day for this week. The photo you share should be recent (if not taken the day of) and not edited to hide or enhance any features. There are countless apps out there that can do everything from smooth wrinkles to change the shape of your face – but try not to give in to the temptation of using one of those apps. Not only will it rob you of the benefits of this challenge, but it is perpetuating the unnatural beauty standards that have risen out of the ability to edit features.

You’re welcome to get as creative as you like, or take as many photos as necessary to find one you’re proud of to post, but don’t beat yourself up in the process. Feel free to add a preset or color filter – but don’t do it in an attempt to mask or blur any seeming imperfections. 

Finally, when you’re posting, resist adding an explanation or disparaging comment. Rather, take the risk to share something that scares you or something empowering that may inspire someone who sees it. Remember, the goal of this challenge is to find the courage to embrace your own unique beauty and share it with the world.


Time Commitment: 5 minutes

Since you’re not editing your photos, it shouldn’t take longer than five minutes to take a picture of yourself and post it. It is fair to want to put your best face forward, so feel free to take your time taking a picture you feel proud of, but remember that it is YOU in all your natural glory that we are challenging you to share with the world, not a manufactured version.


When: AM

Start this exercise in the morning before the events of the day have had a chance to talk you out of it.

A woman taking a selfie on the street


Commit to one full week of posting a selfie or a recent photo of yourself. Take a picture of yourself first thing in the morning, if you want to be really authentic and bold, or take one the day before. Post the selfie, unedited, on your social media with a caption that doesn’t belittle or diminish you. 

  • Post an unedited selfie or picture of yourself every morning
  • Refrain from disparaging or self-deprecating captions
  • Post once a day for the full week


Pairs Well With: AM YOUTH BOOST

The ingredients in AM YOUTH BOOST will help give you radiant and glowing skin that you’ll be proud to share without editing, while the mood boosting ingredients help provide the confidence boost to take the risk to post.

Whether you’re comfortable with posting pictures of yourself or not, this challenge will more than likely bring up a lot of insecurities, and really test your confidence, pushing you to exercise your courage muscle. Practicing this exercise every day will not only push you out of your comfort zone and strengthen your courage, but it also helps build deep and lasting self-confidence.


Next week, we will introduce the fifth theme in total transformation, Resilience.

Transformation is journey oriented, where the process is arguably more impactful than any end result. Philosophically speaking, you could say the journey is the desired result… We can’t wait to get started on this journey, and hope you join us!

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