Courage Challenge: Week ONE

Courage Challenge: Week ONE


Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just live your life without ever having to step outside your comfort zone or doing anything that scares you? Not only is that likely next to impossible, but living solely within your comfort zone keeps you from growing and increasing your potential.

Though pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone and doing that thing you know you need to do can scare the living crap out of you, it is beyond worth it. Finding the courage to ask for the things you want and need in life and standing up for who you are and what you believe in is one of the most powerful and rewarding things you can do for yourself.

It is the courage to take those risks that will bring forth transformation.

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The Challenge:

We all have things nagging at us in the backs of our minds that we know we should do, but we try to ignore because they scare us. Many risks are not worth taking (and it is important to understand your personal risk tolerance), but pushing yourself out of your comfort zone always pays off. 

This week’s challenge is to do just that. Take some time to think about some things that scare you – things you know you should do – and create a plan to put those things into action. You likely already know what those risks are; they could be as straightforward as asking for a raise at work or asking a favor from a friend, to committing to a volunteering or speaking gig. Spend some time to create a list, then each day this week plan to put one into action.



Time Commitment: Variable

The time commitment can vary from a few seconds to a few hours depending on the task you’ve identified.


When: PM

This task won’t necessarily be done at night, but we recommend taking a few moments the night before to identify the task you know you need to do and plan it out ahead of time in order to hold yourself accountable.

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At the end of your day, take a few minutes to come up with one thing that scares you that you know you should do, then create a plan of action to initiate the following day. This could be anything from asking for a raise at work or asking the barista for a discount on your morning coffee, to telling someone how you feel about them or sharing something personal on your social media, to applying for school or a grant – anything that scares you and deep down you know is the right thing to do will work.

  • Take some time to come up with one task that scares you 
  • Plan out how you will approach it the following day
  • Remind yourself that you can do it, and dive in
  • Repeat every day this week

Pairs Well With: PM CELL RESET

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This task won’t be easy, and you will more than likely want to find a way to not have to do it, but remember that nothing worth having comes easily, and the more calculated risks you take, the more courageous you will become.


Next week, we will look at the next challenge: Accepting Compliments.

Transformation is journey oriented, where the process is arguably more impactful than any end result. Philosophically speaking, you could say the journey is the desired result… We can’t wait to get started on this journey, and hope you join us!

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