CONFIDENCE Challenge: Week Three

CONFIDENCE Challenge: Week Three

Power Poses

We often say more to others about how we are feeling with our body language than with our words. If you consider any emotion, you can likely describe typical postures that go along with it. Our body language also serves to communicate how we are feeling to ourselves, and can generate a change in mindset.

Power poses are a technique developed on the notion that the emotions we feel can be generated by the postures we use. Similar to how smiling can trick your brain into feeling happy, power poses use open, and expansive postures to generate a feeling of confidence and power. Puff your chest out, plant your feet on the ground, look straight ahead, and act like you own the place and are worth all that you want. Even if you don’t feel this way, the change in posture will help shift your mindset into feeling more confident.

The idea of Power Posing was popularized in 2012 with Harvard Researcher Amy Cuddy’s Ted Talk on the subject. Since then, it has been a hotly debated topic with a lot of naysayers. Cuddy has recently published an academic paper in Psychological Science which provides ample evidence of the results of using power poses to increase a feeling of power, and has mostly put the debate to rest.

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The Challenge:

In this week’s challenge, we will be practicing power poses for a couple of minutes each morning to create a feeling of confidence to take into your day. The goal of this challenge is to develop a heightened awareness around your posture and how it impacts how you feel, and develop a habit around using confidence inspiring postures.

No matter what the day ahead has in store, by taking a few minutes every morning to practice a power pose you are cultivating physical confidence within yourself.


Time Commitment: 1-2 minutes

This is a simple yet empowering exercise, and while you’re welcome to spend as much time as you like practicing, it shouldn’t take longer than a minute to experience the benefit.


When: AM

Power poses can be done anytime you feel a need to increase your confidence, but by making it a habit every morning, you will notice subtle changes that impact your entire day.

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Though there are many different poses you can try, we will be focusing on what is referred to as the “Wonder Woman Pose” for this challenge. Don’t mistake the name though, this pose is powerful for both men and women:

  • Plant your feet firmly on the ground
  • Raise your head and your chin
  • Puff your chest out
  • Hold your hands firmly on your waist
  • Take 10 conscious breaths, and embody the confidence that this pose represents
  • Repeat every morning, and any other time you feel you need a confidence boost.

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You may feel a bit strange doing this at first, but once you’re able to get past the initial awkwardness, you will feel the genuine and immediate empowerment that comes from practicing power poses.

Next week, we will introduce visualization, as a tool for developing psychological confidence.

Transformation is journey oriented, where the process is arguably more impactful than any end result. Philosophically speaking, you could say the journey is the desired result… We can’t wait to get started on this journey, and hope you join us!

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