Founder updates

Founder updates

New subscription model and STUNN loyalty program

Published: 09.03.2020

Hi everyone! I wanted to jump on the blog to recap some exciting changes we’ve rolled out at STUNN this past week, and to kick off the first of a series of update posts you can expect to see over the coming weeks and months from myself and Ash. 

To start, I think it is safe to say that this has been one heck of a crazy year. In the span of a few months, we have seen so much change in the world, and we realize that many of you have been impacted in one way or another – we all have. So with that said, I hope everyone is managing to keep their spirits up, and is staying healthy and happy. 

As STUNN approaches its first year in business (hurray!), we have been able to analyze some helpful trends and have had an opportunity to collect some amazing feedback from many of you on how we can do better. 

So, let’s jump right into it, and get to the updates. First off, I’ll recap the improvements we’ve rolled out this week, and then I will cover some next steps, future milestones, and general brand information.

Feel free to watch the video below for a brief summary, or read the entire post for all of the details.


1. New Pricing Model

When STUNN launched last year, we offered two pricing options; subscriptions (with a minimum 2 month commitment) and single purchases (no commitment). We assumed that most of our customers would opt in for the one time purchase to start, and then would gradually move over to ongoing subscription purchases once they were acquainted with the products and brand.

Boy were we wrong. 88% of our purchases made in the last year came from customers who chose to subscribe to a monthly plan. This tells us a couple of important things:

  1. STUNN’s early customers are one committed bunch! We are excited that so many people are willing to invest in their transformation over the long term.
  2. Our customers prefer the simplicity and pricing structure of the subscription plans.

With this in mind, we made the decision to simplify our pricing model so we could provide you with even more value by putting our entire focus on the model that is currently working. This means the following:

  • All products are exclusively available for purchase via subscription.
  • We have removed the minimum commitment term, so there is NO minimum commitments on subscriptions. This means that you can cancel or pause your subscription anytime, no questions asked. This is for the 12% of you who aren’t quite ready to commit, but still want to give our products a try 😉
  • All orders still include premium 2 day shipping
    Our amazing satisfaction guarantee and no-return refund policy still applies.
  • You are able to manage your subscriptions within your “Account” page – allowing you to cancel or suspend at your leisure at any time.

We will be continuing to improve our technology to provide you with easier access and control over all aspects of your subscription. Additionally, by moving to an exclusively subscription only model, we have been able to re-evaluate our profit margins – which has opened up the ability for us to focus on the second change (which we will get to next).

Two pretty supplement bottles on a marble slab on grass

2. Loyalty program launch:

We have done our best over the past year to connect with as many of our customers as possible to find out how STUNN can do better. One common piece of feedback we have heard has been to provide pricing incentives to “loyal” customers – and we were fully on board. It took us some time to think about how we could best do this, and now that we have implemented a subscription only model, we think we have found the perfect starting point.

The Loyalty Program details:

The longer you subscribe, the more you save. We have developed 4 “status tiers” that customers will reach over the course of their ongoing subscription. There is nothing additional you need to do to be eligible for the loyalty program. Once you purchase your subscription, you will automatically be added into the program.

The Status Tiers:

Starter Status:
Eligibility: Subscription payment 1 and renewal payments 2 and 3
Savings: Regular price while you remain in the starter status

Tribe Status:
Eligibility: Subscription renewal 4, 5, 6
Savings: 5% on each subscription renewal while you remain in the TRIBE tier.

Insider Status:
Eligibility: Subscription renewal 7, 8, 9
Savings: 10% on each subscription renewal while you remain in the INSIDER tier.

VIP Status:
Eligibility: Subscription renewal 10, 11, 12
Savings: 15% on each subscription renewal while you remain in the VIP tier.

Infinite Status:
Eligibility: Subscription renewal 13+
Savings: 20% on each subscription renewal while you remain in the INFINITE tier.

You will continue to receive 20% off each renewal payment for the life of the subscription.

Let’s say you purchase the AM+PM Beauty Set, which starting Saturday, costs $108/month:

Month 1 – Month 3 (STARTER status): $108 ($54 each)

Month 4 – Month 5 (Upgrade to TRIBE): $102.60 ($51.30 each)

Month 7 – Month 9 (Upgrade to INSIDER): $97.20 ($48.60 each)

Month 10 – Month 12 (Upgrade to VIP): $91.80 ($45.90 each)

Month 13+ (Upgrade to INFINITE): $86.40 ($43.20 each)

We want to encourage you to invest in yourself over the long term because your physical and mental wellness are two things that should never take a break. Change often takes time and continual effort; all of our products have benefits that can be noticed within 1 – 4 weeks, but the biggest transformation occurs within 2-12 months of continued use, and commitment is key.

We believe these two improvements will empower you to feel good about making the commitment to invest in your health, beauty, wellness, and happiness!

One additional note on pricing:

To make all of these changes work, we need to increase the price of the AM+PM Beauty Set by approximately 3%. Previously, the AM+PM Beauty Set cost $104/month, and starting on Saturday it will increase to $108/month (that is a 10% savings over if you were to buy AM Youth Boost and PM Cell Reset separately).

AM Youth Boost and PM Cell Reset will maintain their existing subscription pricing of $60/month through this change, and we are removing the previous price of $75 for a single purchase.

The good news is that all existing AM+PM Beauty Set subscriptions, and all subscriptions purchased prior to this Saturday, will continue at the $104/month pricing. So this is a great time to get started ;).


Whats Next:

Based on the feedback we have collected from you so far, as well as our continual commitment to do our best for you, we are working on a number of improvements and next steps. I’ll provide a brief overview here, and will provide more details in coming updates:

  1. Packaging: This was easily one of our biggest missteps when we launched. We ordered some pretty beautiful custom packaging to ensure your products look amazing when they arrive on your doorstep, including a beautiful recyclable rigid box, an ocean recycled plastic bag (yes, it is made of plastic found on beaches), and a picture worthy presentation.

    But we hear your feedback and agree – there is no need to have this elaborate packaging on each order.

    Please know that we are in the process of designing and implementing new minimal and environmentally friendly packaging, and our intention at this point is to continue to use up the existing packaging to avoid any unnecessary waste. Also, please note that our current packaging is 100% recyclable, and the ocean recycled plastic bag can be reused for a lot of cool things (I use them as packing cubes, and Ash stores her shoes in them).

  2. Transparency: We will be working to open industry wide veils that exist around transparency, sustainability, claims, studies, ingredients, testing, and pricing. We are building STUNN for YOU, and as such, we want you to be involved in our processes, and able to provide feedback if you want something different.

  3. Formulations: We are working on a version 2 of the AM Youth Boost and PM Cell Reset formulations that will include some improvements and enhancements based on the feedback we have received, and based on our ability to innovate now that we have a year of growth under our belt. We will always be working to improve and iterate on our products, and if you ever have any feedback, we would love to hear it! More to come on this.

  4. Future thoughts and ideas: We have some great ideas on where we want STUNN to go, what products we want to develop, and things we want to do differently. In effort to bring you closer to STUNN’s processes and ensure we are truly building STUNN for you, we are working on providing transparent milestones and planning information updates. We want to remove the barriers as much as possible to ensure your voice is heard.

We will be providing regular updates on our progress, so stay tuned, and please reach out anytime!

And as these final days of summer approach (groan…) make sure to soak up the sun and get some of that well deserved R&R in while you can.

All the best, and chat soon!

Jordan DePass STUNN Cofounder

Jordan DePass
CoFounder and Co-CEO
Email: [email protected]
Toll-Free: 888-788-6626 ext. 701

STUNN Collective is here to empower you with cutting edge supplements to transform your skin and mindset, so you can defy toxic beauty ideals and harness your own beauty, inside and out.

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