Our Diary


“A diary is meant to be somewhat raw and is often a reflection of one’s deepest truths; a recount of events or experiences…”

When we first started to think about how we would approach our personal pieces for the STUNN Diary, we decided that we wouldn’t try to be anything we aren’t, and we would try to be completely transparent with everything we are….

A beautiful latin woman smiling at the camera

Interview with Eva McLaurin

We had the pleasure to chat with Eva McLaurin, chef and wellness lifestyle expert, to get to know a little about where she came from, what helped shape her business today, how spirituality made its way into her business, and what beauty means to her.

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A woman sitting on a doc by a lake

The Truth About Collagen

Collagen has seemed to be the buzz word for the last five years, and since then collagen has found its way into numerous products from gummies, to chocolate, to protein powder, to fizzy beverages, to capsules.

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