10 Months To Total Transformation

Introducing the Total Transformation Challenge that your skin, mind, and life will appreciate

This week’s post will be a little bit different than some of our previous ones. We want to take this opportunity to discuss a concept we have been developing over the past number of months as a company, and past many years as individuals. The concept is something we at STUNN have started to refer to as “Total Transformation”.

We will start by introducing the concept of Total Transformation, and will then get into the details of the challenge. 

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What is “Total Transformation”?

If you are a Transformation Tuesday subscriber, you will know that each week we introduce three, bite size concepts that we have been experimenting with at STUNN to transform our skin, mind, and life.

STUNN may be a modern beauty brand, however we strongly believe that in order to achieve outer beauty, you must also achieve inner beauty. Put another way, our exterior health (skin, hair, nails) is a result of our interior health (mind-set, gut health, diet, and fitness), and often vice-a-versa.

This means that achieving beauty is not as simple as slapping on some make-up, a sheet mask or serums, getting a new haircut, or wearing the newest clothing style (although those can each be a component of the whole beauty equation). Beauty is so much more than spot treating, and if you don’t truly feel beautiful, it is going to be hard to think you look beautiful. And shouldn’t your own beauty be gauged by how you feel about it – not how you anticipate others will feel?

As a brand we want to empower everyone to re-define what beauty means to them, and to put in the work to better themselves, pamper themselves, and discover who they can be and how they can feel once they take the first steps towards feeling beautiful on the inside.

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When we talk about “Total Transformation”, we are referring to a multi-pronged approach that inspires positive change every day:


The STUNN approach starts with well researched, nutritional supplements that provide an integrative approach to connect inner health, wellbeing, and outer beauty. STUNN AM and STUNN PM provide effective, natural ingredients that work to improve the health of your skin and your mind. We have some exciting formulations in the works that will have a host of other benefits, while remaining committed to bridging the skin-mind gap and connecting inner wellbeing and outer beauty. Our bodies are made up of interconnected systems that cannot be spot treated, and our supplement routines were designed to reflect that.

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The second prong is centered around routines. Transformation takes work, and it requires daily, consciously applied effort towards continual improvement and reaching your goals. It needs to become a daily habit to focus on positive growth, and the best way to do this is through developing empowering routines that you can commit to each day.

Think of the STUNN brand as the roots, and STUNN supplements as the seeds planting the inspiration for your daily routines. Like tying a string around your finger, or setting an alarm, taking STUNN AM first thing in the morning is going to remind you to take a minute (or more) to consciously set your day up right, and taking PM before bed will serve as a reminder to wind down, reflect, and unwind before bed.


The third prong is to build a collective – a tribe of transformation seekers who are willing to put in the work and build each other up and realize that total transformation both inside and out. When you are seeking true change, it benefits to have a community of like minded individuals to share the experience. We all learn and grow together. STUNN will be there each step of the way, guiding where possible or requested, but also learning and growing with you.

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10 Themes for Transformation:

After much thought, collaboration, and experimentation, the STUNN team has found 10 themes in the Total Transformation journey, which we will expand on in detail in a new blog post each month:

  1. Awareness: March 2020
  2. Commitment: April 2020
  3. Strength: May 2020
  4. Confidence: June 2020
  5. Purpose: July 2020
  6. Courage: August 2020
  7. Resilience: September 2020
  8. Gratitude: October 2020
  9. Love: November 2020
  10. Joy: December 2020
Feel free to join in at anytime, in whatever way resonates with you!

Total Transformation Challenge:

Each month, we will introduce the new theme in detail, and will provide 2 – 4 challenges that will inspire personal growth in alignment with that month’s theme. The challenges will be simple, and are designed to fit into a morning or night routine in 20 minutes or less every day. The goal here is to find attainable, routine oriented activities that you can easily incorporate into your day to further your personal development. Some examples might include journalling, meditation, doing one thing that scares you each day, and so on.

Through these challenges, we will undergo a process of self discovery. Not all of them will resonate, and we fully expect some of them to be dropped. But the goal is to find some things that stick, and build powerful morning and night routines to get the most out of each day.

And how does this all relate back to beauty you might ask? Stress, fatigue, and anxiety all contribute to unhealthy skin, and don’t support healthy aging. When you feel confident, nourished, powerful, joyful, and full of energy, your skin will radiate those emotions, and people will likely notice an unexplainable “glow” about you (it may not even be related to your radiant skin). Oh, and STUNN will ensure you get that extra boost – our supplements are all designed to feed the right nutrients to your skin at the right time to keep you on track with the healthy aging goal.

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So, what’s next? Well, if you’ve read this far, we know you are interested in transformation, and are willing to put in the effort required to constantly improve. Why not join us in this journey of self discovery, betterment, and attaining inner and outer beauty?

The first theme is AWARENESS.

Want to join us in our transformation challenge, complete with a little community support? Join us in our Facebook Group – we (and hopefully you) will be providing regular updates on the challenges, sharing our experiences, and generally diving a whole lot deeper there on all things.

Transformation is journey oriented, where the process is arguably more impactful than any end result. Philosophically speaking, I suppose you could say the journey is the desired result… We can’t wait to get started on this journey, and hope you join us!

Written by the STUNN Collective team.

STUNN Collective is all about curating transformative routines, and connecting the dots between mental wellbeing and skin care. We all intuitively know that stress, fatigue, and anxiety is often linked to bad skin, and STUNN Collective is changing that with innovative, 100% plant based, vegan supplements, and a community forward approach.

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